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  Custom & Personalized  

We can custom-create and personalize a variety of pieces.

From Personalized laser-cut ceramic Pumpkins to custom light-up molded pottery Christmas Trees, you can easily order them here and have them in time for the Holidays! These make great gifts too! Please email or call to see what current turnaround times are.


1. Choose your piece from our ONLINE SHOP below.

Our ONLINE SHOP includes a variety of custom items to choose from.

2. Specify your colors and glazes.

We have 100's of colors to chose from with samples to show you exactly what the glaze will look like on your finished piece. (Specialty glazes that include glitter and crystal are available by request, but they do cost extra.)

3. We do all the work for you!

We'll get to work creating the piece of your dreams.

4.  Firing or Completion

Once the colors and embellishments have been completed, we will apply clear glaze (if needed) and then it will visit our kiln and be fired to a glossy glass finish. 

5. Pick-up or Shipping

Upon completion we will either arrange pick-up or shipping to you! It's that easy!

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Pottery Pieces

range from $50 to $400

Wood Cut Outs

range from $30 to $100


We do all the work for you! It all depends on your design and inspiration, but most custom pieces take approx 3-4 weeks to complete. We will give you an estimated time of completion when ordering. 

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